Baked Eggcheese with Broccoli

200g broccoli, 1 1/2 slices of Eggcheese, 1 tbsp of very fine flour, 20g butter, 2 eggs, milk according to needs, 50g hard cheese, 1 tbsp of breadcrumbs, 5g butter, salt, fresh parsley. Serves 2.

Zapečený Eggcheese s brokolicou Steam broccoli under tender and cut into small rosettes. Prepare a white roux from butter and flour, dilute it with milk and bring to a boil then reduce the heat. Mix into the cold béchamel egg, sliced Eggcheese, broccoli, green parsley and salt. Stir it carefully and put it into an oven-safe glass that has been coated with butter and dusted with breadcrumbs. Bake it briefly, then add a coating of grated cheese and finish baking. You can mix broccoli it with cauliflower or bake it separately.

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